Who I’d Haunt by Luisa Plaja

I’m welcoming the wonderful Luisa Plaja onto the blog today and she’s deploying the multi-haunt:

I’m a greedy potential ghost, me. I don’t want to haunt just one person. I’d like to haunt book-lovers everywhere. These are my kind of people. I want to know which books they pick up when cost isn’t a factor, when they’re free to choose whichever books they fancy on any random day. For all eternity. Yes, I think it would be fun to haunt a public library.

Doing a quick search online tells me that I may not be alone in this desire. This site lists the 10 most haunted libraries in America, and the first of the libraries it features actually has a ghost cam trained on it, so you could even be haunted from the comfort of your own armchair many miles away, in between chapters of a good ghost story. This combines my love of books (and my nosiness) with my love of technology, so it’s a solid win for my ghostly-presence-to-be.

Closer to home, I’ve heard some spooky stories from the staff at my local library that have made my hair curl! Or maybe that was just the damp weather. But still…

This ghost says, “Boo!” with a silent ‘k’ on the end.

Ooh, haunted libraries…sounds right up my street! Thanks, Luisa!
Luisa Plaja is the author of funny, romantic novels for teenagers. Her latest books are Diary of a Mall Girl, the story of a 15-year-old resident of a shopping centre, and Kiss Date Love Hate, where a girl finds she can change her life and loves through the settings of a computer game.
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