Who I’d Haunt by Emma Haughton

Emma Haughton is joining in the haunting fun today and she done what we were all thinking:

Okay, so I’m going to take a bit of poetic licence with this. If I’m a ghost, I’m dead right? And if I’m dead, I’m going to assume I can go back and haunt anyone, anytime. Cos this is ghosts we’re talking about, and ghosts can do whatever they want. At least in my afterlife, they can.

So, I reckon I’d go back and haunt myself. You know, my younger self, before I died. I’d go back and bug the hell out of me – in a nice, not-too-scary way – until I opened my eyes and ears and listened to what my wiser, dead self had to say. And it would all be stuff like ‘It’ll all be okay’, ‘You’re doing fine’ and ‘This isn’t your fault’. I’d be the most comforting phantom in the whole of the afterlife. I’d be the spectral embodiment of encouraging.

But I’d also be the Ghost of Tough Love. And the main thing I’d do is appear at all those moments when I could have started to write, and didn’t, cos I was too scared. Honestly, ghosts don’t frighten me half as much as the fear of failing at the one thing I ever really wanted to do – only most of my life I haven’t been brave enough to admit I wanted to do it.

So I’d go back as a friendly – but stern – apparition and I’d say: ‘Get on with it. You can do it. Stop running away from writing. Have some faith. Knuckle down and do the work.’

Sort of an ethereal life coach. Tough, but firm.

Thanks, Emma! The Ghost of Tough Love sounds amazing!

Emma is the author of YA psychological thriller, Now You See Me


Three years ago, Hannah’s best friend Danny Geller vanished without trace. Not knowing if he’s alive or dead, she struggles to move on with a life shrouded in secrets and suspicions… But as hope returns to haunt Danny’s family and their desperation is used against them, can Hannah bear to expose the painful truth? Or is it better to live in the dark?

“It’s not him. The body in the water. It’s not Danny.”

     I waited for the impact, for the news to sink in, to flood me with elation. But there was nothing. Only numbness.

     This was good news. So why did I feel so defeated?

     Then it hit me.

     A darker, deeper, buried part of me had been hoping all this was finally over.

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